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Shiloh’s operation - a tongue flap for oronasal fistula closure - was done on the 21st of November 2020. The Blissful Cleft Foundation’s very first operation.

This day was filled with laughter and tears not only for Shiloh, but for our team as well. A dream for helping change smiles, turning into a reality - a blissful reality.

Shiloh is such a strong and brave little girl, accompanied by her aunt, she arrived at Cure Day Midstream Hospital, with a sadness in her heart.

Earlier this year Shiloh lost her mother unexpectedly after a hospital admission and Shiloh told her Aunt ~ “The Hospital took my mommy, I am scared to go.”

But the day went smoothly and even though we did not repair a smile we got the opportunity to repair a complication after a cleft operation - closing a fistula inside her mouth with about 40 stitches.

We would like to thank Cure Day Hospital Midstream for offering your beautiful Day Hospital and making the operation possible. Thank you to each and every staff member for offering up your time to assist in the ward and in theatre.

Dr Ronnie du Plessis, thank you for assisting Dr Naidoo.

Dr Johannes Vlok, thank you for taking care of the anaesthesia.

Then a big shout out to Blommie for printing our branded shirts and Shiloh’s shirt, which we gave as a present to the brave little girl.

Thank you to Danita Bierman for branding our theatre caps. It really made the team stand out.


And then last but not least, thank you to each golf player and sponsor who joined in on our Golf Day, making this surgery possible.

We are humbled that we could help Shiloh and happy to say the operation was very successful with a good recovery.

Hope you enjoy watching the video and photos.

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