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9 March 2023 - Through the skillful hands and compassionate hearts of the Blissful Cleft Foundation's surgeons and caregivers team, the journey of beautiful baby Joaney highlights the power of strong little ones like herself

Baby Joaney is one of our #CleftWarriors and she is SO strong! Joaney successfully underwent surgery for;

- Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair

- Anterior Nasal Floor Repair

- Vomer Osteotomy

- Soft Palate Repair

A very special thank you to incredible people and the best team.

- Mediclinic Midstream team for all your help and support

- Dr. Johannes Vlok (Anaesthetist)

- Dr. Anke Grauper for assisting Dr. Sharan Naidoo in the theatre

- The nursing team in the theatre and pediatric ward for taking care of our little warrior

- Wimpy Bela Bela (Wimpa SA) for being our Brave of Gratitude sponsor for 2023

- Elandre and Soothing Lily for Joaneys special gifts and caring hearts

- Magies Vol Liefde / Tummies full of Love for supplying nutritious foodies for the recovery and even more gifts for Joaney

Changing lives one smile at a time.

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