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Elandré het met die Bruce Springsteen treffer Tougher Than The Rest sy eerste merk gemaak in die Afrikaanse-musiekbedryf en hy en sy aanhangers het nog nooit terug gekyk nie.

Sy soms jeugdig en soms volwasse werk word bestempel as vars, onverwags, onvergeetlik, en trots Afrikaans. Aan die hoof van elke lied, musiekvideo, of verhaal is die trefkrag egter steeds sy unieke bariton stem.


Kom kuier die aand saam met ons en geniet die ‘Girls night out’.

Met spesiale dank aan Rooi Rose wat ook ietsie vir elke vrou skenk die aand. 

Die Blissful Cleft Foundation neem hande met die Atterbury Trust en GROOTfm  vir ‘n aand saam met Elandré om fondse in te samel vir kinders wat geaffekteer is deur ‘n Spleet defek.

9 Augustus, 19h00


After the morning filled up our cups, we could let our hair down, sing and dance with Elandré on the evening of the 9th of August.

WOW!!! With a sold out theatre, the evening exceeded all of our expectations. The crowd was ready to celebrate each and every woman who attended.

Once again, thank you Atterbury Teater/Theatre and Atterbury Trust. Your theatre rocked. And we are grateful for the opportunity to give each person who attended a night to remember.

GROOTfm 90.5 and Sonet Stofberg thank you for your amazing marketing campaign to help us sell out all these seats and for always believing in our dreams.

Thank you Glare Modern Vintage - Fashion for stylish South African Women and Très Chic Unique for dressing us in your beautiful wear and thank you Tamaryn Makeup + Hair for making us look and feel perfect for this event.

A very special thank you to Elandré! Your voice, giving heart and perfect smile made sure that each person in the audience enjoy the show. Thank you for sharing and believing in our Cleft dream. Thank you for jumping in and taking hands with us to make sure that everyone walked out with their hearts overflowing with happiness and joy. Thank you for an amazing performance!


Chrizaan Neethling thank you for being the lady behind Elandré. Thank you for your beautiful heart and always being ready to help.

Thank you rooi rose, Miekeraai and SkinPhD for spoiling all the attendees.

Thank you Stephnie's for your help in keeping all of us fed and hydrated throughout the day.

Thank you to every one who joined this evening. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your contributions towards giving forever smiles. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story and our dreams.

Please feel free to browse through these amazing photos captured perfectly by One Fine Day

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